Welcome to exotic authenticity with Rosaleen Bloomfield

This is the place for leaders and people in decision-making roles (business owner, executive, technologist, transformation facilitator – coach, therapist, mentor…), like you, who are successful and from the outside have everything, but feel unhappy inside, want to figure out why, change it and enjoy real freedom on purpose.

You may have chosen your current path because it was expected, for survival or because you didn’t know what you really wanted to do. Now you feel lost, confused and fear continuing the way you are. You’re struggling to find more purpose, peace, presence. You want to deepen your self knowledge, find ‘you’, discover why you’re miserable  and  own YOUR authenticity.

Using scientific hand analysis, I help you identify your life purpose and the #1 obstacle that’s blocking you.  Together, we unearth information about your patterns and personality. Then using symbolic and systemic modelling, clean language, yogic and metaphysical tools, I help you to gain insights from your own inner wisdom and uncover what you would like to have happen.

You develop more self-awareness by accessing information that exists at a subconscious level and making that data more conscious. You decide what kind of ‘exotic’ life you want to create on purpose opening  the doorway to more prosperity, pleasure, presence and peace.

The Bloom Blueprint used consists of  four pillars rooted in Vedic yoga philosophy – Purpose,  Prosperity, Pleasure and Presence. Pillars that help you live a more purposeful and fulfilling life.



Dharma or Purpose is the doorway. Here we unveil your life purpose. What you are here on this earth to accomplish that will bring you supreme soul or life satisfaction.



Artha or Prosperity. This is about wealth consciousness and wealth creation. The etymology or root of the word “wealth” comes from the Middle English wele or “well-being.” Also “happiness, prosperity, in abundance of possessions or riches.” We explore your prosperity consciousness and how to align purpose with wealth creation so you can generate well-being, wealth and riches?



Kama or Pleasure. Developing a personal system that allows time for nurturing health, energy, relationships and contribution. Are you eating, sleeping, exercising, resting for optimum well-being? This is about creating your tailored, ‘flexi’ work-life balance lifestyle, which allows you to work, enjoy family time and the finer things in life – holidays, love, romance, friends, luxuries, fun, peace…



Moksha or Presence is about your spiritual pursuits or practices. It involves being present, raising your self awareness, connection with others, oneness  and  how you are being from moment to moment.

Caroline O
Caroline O
“Rosaleen enabled me to be able to look at my situation from a myriad of perspectives. The very practical techniques she introduced helped me to unlock my worries and anxieties. I tapped into my way of how I make my decisions. I realised that my mind and heart needed to come together 

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Tracy McGee
Tracy McGee
 "It was the best ‘yes’ I’ve said all year!" My role had just expanded and I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the challenges ahead. Under Rosaleen’s expert guidance, I developed a strong, positive coping strategy. I am more accessible to my team and I am achieving more quality outcomes. I have a more relaxed outlook and am enjoying life, finding more time for family, friends and exercise.
Beverly Zane, Munich, Germany
Beverly Zane, Munich, Germany
It has been the most valuable experience. From the day after my first coaching session – I stopped using certain phrases, formulas, that had become second nature to me, and I started to become more assertive in my communication. I had to be myself. It has been the most valuable experience....

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