Rosaleen BloomfieldFor over 15 years, I worked in the corporate world   as a Sales Consultant helping my company to be successful on multi-million pound deals. I enjoyed educating clients on how to use the technologies we sold to help their companies prosper.

I changed career over 10 years ago to pursue my dream to help women and men who feel miserable and unfulfilled identify their purpose, power-base talents and stretch their capabilities so that they can prosper and make a difference in the world.

 Re-training as a leadership and management coach and mentor (I’m a certified  Institute of Leadership and Management  Level 5 Coach and Mentor), Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling ™ and Systemic Modelling™   Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, Scientific Hand Analyst and a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, I help successful entrepreneurs and executives, like you, get unstuck and find meaning and purpose in your work and life so that you can be yourself and not a copy of someone else.


I believe that we all have limitless inner wisdom, talents and resources and can use our imagination and creativity to move beyond obtacles and take purposeful action to create  the well-being and success that we desire.


“Rosaleen’s ability to reassure and support is such a wonderful attribute as she inspire others, allowing them to trust in her and themselves. With this trust individuals feel safe and protected to try new things and push themselves. The most crucial part of this is pushing boundaries without judgement! When I had a set back at work, I knew it had affected my confidence. Rosaleen helped me realise what I actually wanted and how I could regain my confidence by fighting for it and do this for myself. She helped me realise that the bitter pill I had to swallow was not in vain. I am very grateful for all her coaching over the years.” Angela Karki, Operation Manager.

“Rosaleen works subtly. She helps you to focus your thoughts and attention and uses her skills to help liberate you from the hang-ups and things holding you back.  She helped me express myself more authentically liberating me from social structures I felt that I had to conform to. When something happens…I tell myself that I can step out of it. I see things in a more positive light and try to enjoy things. Enjoy life more.  Maria A.

Meet Rosaleen Bloomfield…

Let me share with you how I came to do what I do, and why it’s so very important to me to help high achieving women and entrepreneurs find their uniqueness so that they can be thought leaders and role models inspiring other women to thrive and succeed.

My journey began with a question.

It was triggered by a self-development book I picked up just before boarding a plane at Sydney airport in the late 90’s—something to read on the way home. It was by Barbara de Angelis—she wrote about inner relationships and loving yourself.

Now being an analytical person and in my mind a lot, I asked myself…

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