Authentic, original and not a copy. This is required of us and can be challenging.

“I’ve not been writing my blogs”, she said, “because so many people are doing blogs, and people tell me I write eloquently and I don’t feel I’m saying anything unique. So, I’ve just not been writing…” We were doing a life purpose hand analysis at the time and were talking about purpose and gifts.

Most of us engage in unhelpful self-talk some of the time…our inner critic that can be totally unsupportive.

My self talk goes something like this…how can I talk/write about shifts in consciousness and finding yourself and spiritual matters when you have the enlightened masters like Eckhart Tolle and Sadhguru and yoga masters and famous spiritual teachers like Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss and many other ‘experts’ talking about the same things. How can little old me do this in an authentic way?

What’s your inner critic telling you, that’s getting in your way?

There’s a quote that I love from Oprah:

Your real work is to figure out where your power base is and to work on that alignment of your personality, your gifts you have to give, with the real reason why you are here. Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.” Oprah Winfrey

When you’re feeling that you have nothing special that makes you stand out from the crowd this isn’t true.

Back to the client who was questioning continuing to write her blogs. We had identified her purpose, gifts and personality traits using hand analysis. She was happy that all this ‘wisdom’ in her hands was uncannily accurate. The alignment was the issue because we all have stories in our heads about what we can and cannot do and they are mostly just that: stories.

As we analysed what she did, creativity was at the root of everything, creativity and inner communication using her intuitive gifts. These were her power base. She is here to bring her individual creative expression into the spotlight.

The key word here is individual. We are all unique…it’s not just a cliché. No one is like you or me. You have patterns that are similar to other people’s at an archetypal level but at the ‘you’ level, at your essence, you are one of a kind.

This doesn’t mean that you are separate or isolated or that you standalone in the universe, because we are all connected – science proves this.

However, being YOU can feel like being the outsider, not fitting in…especially when we live in a world that values conformity more than authentic expression and individuality. And most of the population, I believe, take the path of least resistance and conform rather than being individual, which is more risky – standing out from the crowd.

There is an authentic you inside. I want to ‘find me’, is something I’m hearing a lot from clients. They are wanting to discover which part of their operating system is programmed by them, and which is programmed by family/tribe, peers, society, culture, a world view…

Why? In order to love life, to feel good, to be happy, to be successful, to enjoy success, to make a difference…

I like this comment by Lady Gaga, which I came across recently:

“We are all born superstars, you just have to pull it out of yourself.”

I had a client say recently that when she was young, from 3 years old…she loved to perform, to dance, to sing and wanted to be an actress. She read about performers, she lived this dream. But her mother told her that she couldn’t make money doing that profession and it was ‘forced’ out of her. I had just revealed to her that the analysis of her fingerprints showed that her purpose is artist/performer/individualist in the spotlight.

When we are children, what we are here to be/do is often very evident and gets misunderstood/denied because of survival instinct and/or life situations.

I remember very clearly, when I was about 9 years old, my junior school teacher writing ‘Bossy Rosaleen’ on my paper folder. I went home and looked up the word bossy in the dictionary; it means “fond of giving people orders; domineering” and other not very complimentary words. So my 9-year old self decided this was not a good thing. I then unconsciously played down the ‘bossy’ in me.

Decades later, I had my hands analysed and discovered that my purpose is leadership. Leaders tell people what to do. This was probably not very refined at 9 years and would have been better encouraged rather than discouraged. Before I was born this consciousness was already within me. It’s my power base.

So, how can you be authentic, when others are doing similar things to you in a mostly crowded marketplace? I believe the answer is to be the real you and to know your calling. Marianne Williamson says it beautifully about job v calling:

One of the most positive transitions you can make is from viewing your work as a job to viewing it as a calling. A job is an exchange of energy in which you do a material task and someone provides money in exchange. A calling, however, is an organic field of energy that emerges from the deepest aspects of who you are. It is the fulfillment of what God has created you to be and do. Approaching your work as a job versus approaching it as a calling makes all the difference in whether or not you dwell in the miraculous universe.

 … You have a calling because you’re on the earth with a divine purpose: to rise to the level of your highest creative possibility, expressing all that you are intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and physically in order to make the universe a more beautiful place. As you do this, your entire life becomes your ministry — a way to serve God and to serve the world. Excerpted from The Law Of Divine Compensation, Marianne Williamson

You can substitute universe/source energy/divine/whatever word resonates better for you instead of ‘god’ or just remove it from the sentences… Don’t allow the word to create resistance – god is a very loaded word for many people.

Your whole life so far is unique. You have experiences that you may classify as good or bad that are yours alone. Your feelings are yours alone. They can’t be the same as someone else’s because you are not them, you’re not in their body, in their skin, in their mind. And why would you want to be, anyway!

I resolved my self-talk about how can I talk about inner wisdom, inner intelligence, inner blooming, consciousness shifts, self development, self-growth, inner transformation…by knowing that I have had many experiences in which all of these faculties were and are still engaged and happening. I have had awakening experiences and consciousness shifts. I know what the inner blooming experience feels like from my awakening and I can talk/write about these and it’s totally authentic.

The tools like hand analysis, symbolic and systemic modelling, yoga, meditation that I’ve studied, learned and had applied to my life have created experiences and knowings that are ‘my real’ and ‘my authentic’.

The same is true for you. You are the only one who can bring the authentic you into your work and life. Authentic is a word that is used a lot and can create the ‘cringe’ factor. I just decided to check its meaning and actually exclaimed, ‘oh my god’. Here it is:

“of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.”

The etymology or root of the words authentic is:

“…from Medieval Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos “original, genuine, principal,” from authentes “one acting on one’s own authority,” from autos “self” (see auto-) + hentes “doer, being,” from PIE root *sene- (2) “to accomplish, achieve.” Sense of “real, entitled to acceptance as factual” is first recorded mid-14c.”

“One acting on one’s own authority.” That for me is listening to your inner voice and inner intelligence.

My client who was concerned about how to stand out with her blogs came to the awareness that she needed to put more of ‘me’ into her writing. Her experiences, her core values, her inner wisdom, her knowledge, her being. This is how you align your personality and purpose.

You may not know your life purpose or how to align it with your gifts and personality. This is where I can help. Life purpose or calling is accurately identified from your fingerprints, which form 14-16 weeks before you are born. Your purpose or calling is established before birth. It could be creativity, leadership, business, mentoring, teaching, coaching, entrepreneur, standing up for a cause, communication…

As Lady Gaga puts it: “You were born this way, baby…”

I know it seems a bit weird and how can this be possible? Well, I know this because it has been accurate for me and
100, 000s of people all over the world. It’s not predictive or fortune telling or hard science. What it is accurate, like many other metaphysical systems –  my own inner authority told me this.  No more self-talk about this tool being unorthodox and keeping it in the background. It’s a superstar identification tool.

If you want to discover your purpose using hand analysis; to know your power base and superstar traits and to align your gifts, personality and purpose so ‘no one can touch you’, I invite you to email to book a free discovery consultation.