My awareness shifted as suddenly there was a loud bang. Standing at the bus top, I looked in the direction of the sound and saw a black motorcycle, a large black people carrier vehicle and the bottom half of two legs wearing black boots disappearing behind the left side of the vehicle as it screeched to a standstill. I gasped: ‘Oh my god’.

And together with the six or so other people at the bus stop, I instinctively moved towards the scene of the accident.

I thought this person was either dead or seriously injured. Seconds went by…

Then I saw the motor cyclist who had been thrown off his bike and had disappeared from view behind the people carrier vehicle walking towards the driver (who had stopped and jumped out of his vehicle looking shocked) gesticulating angrily.

We sighed with relief…He was alive. A few comments were made and I went on my way again.

Sitting on the bus, I felt tearful. This surprised me. I’m a little traumatised, I thought. I had gone into my survival (reptilian) brain during the incident and was still feeling a little fearful.

I watched and became shifted to more awareness of my state and started to mentally review what I had just witnessed.

Life is fragile…He was a very lucky motorcyclist…It wasn’t his time to die… Life can be snuffed out at any moment – unexpectedly…fearing dying without fulfilling my mission in life…How is my life going…Am I saying ‘YES’ to life…

It’s very easy to take our existence for granted. To take life and the planet we live on for granted when they are very precious and it’s a privilege to be alive.

What are you taking for granted?

You may be taking life itself or your life for granted, or your intimate relationship, or your health and well-being, or abundance or even who you are.

Identity is very tricky. You may think you know who you are and then discover that this self is actually created according to some kind of ideal image, which comes from outside sources – family, education, religion, culture, the dominant world view.

And you end up feeling that you are just a copy and not the REAL deal. I work with successful people who are suffering from identity theft. Not the kind where you have your credit card details, name, address and other identifying details stolen, but your very core and source are stolen…

And you are left feeling empty.

As the saying goes (modified slightly): “If you keep on being what you’re being, you’ll keep on getting what you’re getting.”

That’s sort of true for most people’s lives, with one addition:

“If you keep on being what you’re being when your life’s not working as you’d like it to, you’ll keep on getting what you’re getting. And it will get much worse.”

There are many ways to start connecting with the real you.

One simple step is through developing and expanding your awareness.

Start to pay attention to the life and people around you. At your core you are part of the vast universe and as you respond to life around you, you start to become more aware of YOU. Not the you that is a copy but your deeper, creative, joyous, spiritual  self.

Stop thinking you should be mindful and aware. Awareness is who you are at your core.  Responding to everything around you including yourself is awareness.

Walking home tonight, Friday, I was very tired. It had been a challenging few days on a project that I am involved with. The evening sky caught my attention. My awareness was triggered by the cotton-wool like clouds.

I stopped and looked at the magnificence of the sky and the universal energies above. It was mind-blowing and fabulous. I took some pictures with my phone to capture a sense of the passing moments.And in those moments of appreciation I connected with my own source, which is part of the source energy everywhere and I no longer felt tired, but energized, super-charged and inspired. I came home and wrote this blog to share…Life is truly magical.

If you are feeling directionless, empty, like your core identity has been stolen, or that your life and relationships are in danger of crashing down around you, do get in touch. Click here to book a free strategy consultation.