Leadership comes from your inner power. You’re in a leadership position and desire to express your leadership in an authentic way. Your role is challenging and your tendency is to look outside of yourself for solutions. Yet, deep-down, you know that self-mastery is the key to optimising your performance. The transformational solutions lie within you and to access them you have to be on YOUR  master path.

You are confident and pretty tough and you’ve achieved a lot of success but you feel that your life is going sideways and you want to get it back on the success path.   You feel  strangely inauthentic and your soul is dying a little bit everyday. Maybe you’re feeling very angry and that anger is your power turned inward.   But if that anger is turned inward and has no outlet, you may self-destruct. You need to reconnect and identifiy with your uniqueness,  re-wild a little without being rebellious, own your fierceness (that is part of you too) and create more inner yin-yang balance.

You feel lost.   You desire to be doing what you really, really, really want and  to be on purpose with your work and contribute in a purpose-filled way.  It’s a question of whether you should keep doing what you’re doing or change direction. But how will you know what is the right direction? You are filled with doubt…

 “Freed me from the limitations I had set for myself …

Husband and I have started our own business…” – Stephanie V.

Are you perhaps
following someone else’s vision of success and not your own?  Well, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work with me one-to-one for six months to discover your inner power and how to pursue your own authentici goals in life. ou know that you’re not living up to your own expectations and potential. Maybe you’re feeling irrelevant at the moment and of no use, no good and no worth.  You would feel defeated if you gave in and quit. And if you leave, you’re still the same person  and it doesn’t get better by just leaving. The question is what would you like to have happen when this is your situation?

You want to have more happiness, purpose and fulfilment in your life and work/business. You have this powerful job but you are unhappy. What’s your personal purpose for doing what you’re doing?  You’ve lost your sense of identity and you’re just fitting in.  You want to redesign your lifestyle from INSIDE OUT – essence to presence to embodiment to receptivity to self’ love to being purposeful to high performance, productivity and self and life satisfaction.

Inner Power Leadership Coaching

I provide a tailored step-by-step framework for change and the discreet support a high achieving leader/emerging leader, like you, requires.

This system has four pillars inspired by ancient yogic principles and practical modern processes and research on how to attain a joyful, purpose-guided and fulfilling life.

  1. Purpose – life’s mission, purposeful living
  2. Wealth  – in the material world through career, business,…
  3. Pleasure  – living a life that includes pleasure and joy –  time with family,  harmonious and peaceful reationships, self-care, well-being, fun, contribution…
  4. Spiritual intelligence or pursuit – inner work, deepening self-awareness, mindfulness, heart-centred inner exploration that keeps you centred, peaceful, happy and living life to the full.

The foundational pillar is purpose and aligning the other pillars with that so you live life on your terms.

The beauty of this appraoch is that it is client-centred and easily tailored based on what YOU would like to have happen. This isn’t a same size fits all approach.

The bugs in your system (obstacles, adversity, blind spots) that wreak havoc and hamper performance and self-confidence are also uncovered and transmuted into allies that support purpose, wealth, pleasure and spiritual pursuit.

Bespoke Services

  • Life Purpose Profiling using scientific hand analysis
  • One-on-one  6-month coaching programmes for the leaders/emerging leaders/ technologist/ business owner/executive to integrate purpose into life and work

that allow you to develop a solid inner infrastructure that supports your unique expression and career / lifestyle dreams.


“Produced wonderful desired results…Since then I’ve not experienced this particular
push and pull within myself…”