vision goals plansThe New Year is a time when new visions rise up from creative imagination or existing ones get assessed or even discarded; when goals are mapped out and New Year’s resolutions see the light of day, albeit briefly for some.

Research shows that most people who set New Year’s resolutions on the fly at midnight on 31st December tend to give up within hours, days or a few months.

One of the things that’s fundamental to achieving your goals are the inner structures that are at play in your life.

The inner structures that are most significant and have the most influence are your assumptions, beliefs, desires, aspirations, values.  

These inner structures can inspire change, motivate, help or limit you.

Think of yourself as an energy system with many sub-systems. You have physical, emotional, financial, mental, spiritual energies, for instance.

From childhood onwards like sponges, our energy systems soak up many messages.  We often learn that there are particular ways to be and to do things. There is a “right way” and a  “wrong way”.

We learn that things work in a specific way. In order to keep us safe, we are taught what to do and what not to do. To embrace some things and avoid others. That certain people are knowledgeable and others are not. That certain ideas are “good” and others are “bad”

And, what happens is that over time, we develop a view of the world, which directs and guides our actions, that is consistent with these ideas, assumptions, beliefs, aspirations and values.

generations: beliefs ideas can limit goals

Initially, our belief system is moulded by our families. Many are handed down from generation to generation (often unconsciously) and we hold beliefs that are not even ours. New beliefs are embedded by the education system, by governments and other organisations until they before automatic bedrock habits that we don’t even question.

layers and layers and layers of beliefs, assumptions, aspirations and values… get buried deep in your subconscious and silently drive your behaviour.

Unfortunately many of these beliefs and assumptions instead of championing our talents and potential, instead limit and hinder our abilities and progress in life.

I am not enough, I am not intelligent,  I am not powerful…I am not confident…not.. not… not…

As we assimilate and internalise these ideas, which mainly come from outside ourselves, we’re learning that circumstances and other people dictate what happens to us.

Over time, you can lose the sense of who you are, lose self-trust, ignore your inner wisdom, disconnect from yourself  and end up weighed down by all the belief systems that are not actually yours.

I saw on the news coverage of Donald Trump’s inauguration that a group of people were in downtown Washington smashing property. It seems to me that they were saying that outside forces and circumstance like a new American president control their lives. Or maybe they were just hell bent on destruction.

What’s interesting about the Trump election win is that he had galvanised many people to examine their beliefs and to begin to mobilise and express these beliefs.

If you look at his election victory from the angle of aspiration, Donald Trump set a goal to become American  president. He and his advisors devised a plan, executed it brilliantly – saying and doing whatever they deemed necessary, including alienating millions of people, to be the first past the winning post – and now his goal is accomplished.

It may be a bitter pill to swallow for some, but he was voted in by Americans whose values, beliefs, assumptions, self-interest he appealed to. And, while he appealed to some people’s value-system and interests, his words and behaviours violated other people’s values and beliefs.

And many all over the world, not just in the U.S.A, marched on Saturday 21st Jan to express their values and belifs, to let their voices be heard…

Some people even treat internal energies like fear, anger, doubt, frustration as if they are external circumstances. They behave as if these internal reactions and responses to life situations are beyond their control. As if they come from somewhere other than themselves.

But if you just focus on external events or people, then it’s easy for your life to continue to be a reaction or  response to outside circumstances, to other people’s actions. This is disempowering.

The Law of Attraction says that we are each individually responsible for all the outcomes that we get in life. You manifest or create what you spend your time and energy thinking about.

Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

This is why it’s really important to train your attention on your beliefs, ideas and assumptions and to be aware of whether they are serving you or not. Are they taking you towards your goals, expansion and satisfaction or creating discord in your system.

Your assumptions, beliefs, values, aspirations may help you to attain your goals or they may be limiting your potentials, accomplishments and fulfilment.

If you want to create lasting change in your life, it is important to understand and realise that there are underlying structures giving rise to your patterns of behaviour. Some of these structures are even encoded at the DNA level, coming from our ancestral lineage.

The bottom third of your middle finger (called the Saturn finger in hand analysis) is where your codes and values live. It’s size and width, whether it’s the biggest or smallest zone of your fingers means something.

If you are living according to old, out-dated morals, assumptions, beliefs or someone else’s code, values or covenants that part of your finger tells the story.

In order to make change happen, you may need to create a new structure. In structual language we say that your system may need to self-organise.

You need to be actively mindful of your internal structures to aid your creative process and to increase your chances of fulfilling your most deeplyfelt aspirations and values – to create results that really matter to you.

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