Hi, It’s Rosaleen Bloomfield, and thanks for stopping by to claim your Life Purpose hand analysis for only £297.

Knowing your life purpose means you can align your purpose and personal values with your  vision for yourself, the collective good of your business/organisation and also connect clients/colleagues/partners to this larger purpose (and maybe help them find a deeper meaning in their life/work).

Go on…Discover your Purpose and Release Your Roar

Your leading-edge Life Purpose Hand Analysis reveals truths about who you are, potentials you own, blocks you have to bringing things to fruition. I can uncover the building blocks, the gems, the keys to who you are based on the patterns and archetypal information in your hands. The future is entirely up to you. You have free will and can decide what, if any, changes you may want to make. If you choose to, you can make desired shifts so you keep doing the job you love, move up in your career, make more money and can even be a role model for female success (if that’s what you want).


After discovering your life purpose, you’ll be delighted to embrace a new you—a you that can overcome costly mistakes and confidently step into your next level of success!

Here’s what you’ll discover in your life purpose hand analysis:

  • How your life lesson or nemesis can become your ally and help you to embrace your purpose and grow as a leader. (It’s time to master what gets in your way!)
  • What you are here on earth to fulfil. (It comes naturally… and is something you must do!)
  • Talents and gifts that will help you step into your higher purpose. (Being on purpose will affects other areas of your life)
  • Explore ways to integrate and align life purpose with your work and life. (You will be tested! The information in your hands will help you pass the tests…)

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Money-Back Guarantee

If after receiving your Life Purpose Hand Analysis you feel that you’ve not discovered anything useful/helpful, let me know within 24 hours and you will get your money back. Of course, I’ll want to talk with you about what you felt was amiss, but I’ll stand by the offer. If you don’t uncover information in your Life Purpose Hand Analysis that can serve you in rebalancing your life, your payment will be returned. Of course, you will need to make choices and take action on what you discover and uncover in order to redefine your life /career / business.

Once you’ve paid for your hand analysis, we’ll get in touch and will send you your hand printing kit and schedule your hand analysis session.

I promise you’re in for a real treat!

Just Want to Dip Your Toes in the Water – Try The Taster Session

Are you  cautious but not ready to go the full hog? …Just want to dip your toes in the water and try a taster session. Okay, I understand!

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To identifying your life purpose