For Business Owners, Executives, Technologists and Therapists/Coaches in a leadership position who want to Identify their life purpose, release their roar, thrive and make a difference in the world

A Surprisingly Simple, Fast and In-Depth Way to Discover Your Life Purpose For a More Fulfilling Life and Optimum Well-Being (it’s not what you’re expecting!)


Are you READY to identify your life purpose, share your gifts, turbo-charge your aliveness, be the person you want to be, make a difference and create the life, business or career that you want?

Maybe you are already successful, yet your life and work feel strangely purposeless? Or you’re wondering who you truly are and what your purpose is for being here on earth? Perhaps you’re noticing that some of your peers are uber successful but somehow you’ve been putting the brakes on your career/business and spinning your wheels.

Do you feel guilty and anxious that your lack of direction is holding you back? Does it feel like you’re ‘killing time’, stuck, lost, failing instead of doing meaningful work and living a life that’s making a difference. If so you are not alone.

According to a global study by Gallup, most of us want to live a happy, purpose-filled life yet the reality is that 63% of the global workforce (roughly 900 million people) are actually unhappy and disengaged at work – “checked out, sleepwalking through their workday, putting in time but not energy or passion into their work”

Often, we think the problem is external and start to look outside for solutions…

But what if  what you think is the problem isn’t the REAL problem.

What if the missing link is LIFE PURPOSE and disconnection from the ‘real’ you?

No matter how successful you are or how hard you work, if your life’s purpose remains undiscovered, you will feel or remain unfulfilled. It will be harder to find your voice and keep going when the going is tough. With life purpose and meaning you will get going irrespective of the terrain.  The problem however is that most people don’t know how to go about discovering their life’s purpose. 

They’re told to meditate on it or ask for guidance from spirit/source/soul/higher self/god and the answer will come. That’s what I was told and quite frankly, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t understand the Law of Attraction and that you have to be fully aligned with what you’re asking for especially emotionally and the answer didn’t just come.  Then I discovered a simpler way that’s also from the soul level but doesn’t require asking and waiting – scientifc hand analysis (download handbook to find out more about scientific hand analysis).

Client Raves…

This innovative approach is  “helping me drive my business forward…the stuff I have learned about myself today has confirmed what I’ve known on the  subconscious level so now I can bring it into my consciousness and make a difference that really matters.”

Scientific hand analysis is NOT fortune telling. I do not predict your future. It’s not about consulting crystal balls or  being psychic.  And anyway, you have conscious free will.  Your  design is in your hands – excuse the pun – and you make the choices!

I followed my gut and trained with leaders in the field in the USA  to become a scientific hand analyst.

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” …My life purpose… explained why I was always coming across
people who were experiencing crises…” Stephanie V.

The hands and the brain were formed from the same cellular material during the second trimester of pregnancy. Your fingerprints form 14-16 weeks in utero and  never change and are used to decipher life purpose.  Even the fingerprints of identical twins are different. It’s like a microchip with your soul’s  purpose encoded into it, was integrated into your human design before you were born  and this information can be decoded from your finger prints.

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Many people laugh when they first hear that their fingerprints can reveal their life purpose, but when they discover their life purpose and other secret information that’s coded in their hands they are blown away by how shockingly accurate the information in the hnads is.  So, although your inner sceptic may have reared its head and asking incredulously how any sane person can believe that their life purpose is in their hands; how can a logical, analytical, creative , seasoned and  successful executive /leader/entrepreneur like me buy-in to that?

Well, I was also sceptical (but open to unconventional approaches) until I had my hands read and discovered that hand analysis is a proven method for identifying life purpose. The archetypal models that it reveals have been proven through the analysis of hundreds of thousands of hands and the pattern-level information revealed is accurate for each individual.


Inking hands - Hands to ink sheetsPress hands down firmly to ink - having a helper is great!Smiling client with inked hands Transferring inked hands to white paper for hand imprints

Taking individual thumb and fingerprintsCompleted hand prints Rosaleen analysing hand printsHand analysis consultation with client




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The lines and also the structure of the hands are important. The lines in the hands reflect your brain activity and can and do change along with the shape of your hands. Most people are surprised to discover this. Your personal psychology can be decoded from these lines.

Clients discover information in their hands that comes from them and it really validates them as a human being. With the negativity in our culture, I just don’t think people realise how bad people want to be validated, to feel good about themselves.

The lines in the hands reflect a person’s personality predispositions as well as secret’s about people’s character. For example, your thinking style /mind set, emotional style and even extra potential talents or signature strengths that you have and may or may not be using.

If you choose to change your behaviour or ways of thinking or being you create new neural pathways in your brain and the lines in your hands can change – new ones form and old lines can fade and disappear.  Your hands are effectively a map  that reflects everything that has and is going on with you – your past and current reality.  You have the power to use this information to help shape your future; to live and work according to your  purpose.

How Knowing Your Purpose Can Help You

When your leadership, business or career is anchored in purpose you know who you need to be and what needs to happen in order to achieve your goals.

Knowing your purpose means that as a leader  you can  focus on behaving in ways that advance the purposes for which you stand.  You can align your purpose and personal values with your vision for yourself and the collective good of your organisation/business. You will be better able to take risks in the service of shared organisational or business goals, connect others to a larger purpose and even help your colleagues find a deeper meaning in their work.

Purpose is also an indispensable element in your well-being. 

Research by Gallup-Heathways reveals:

“ Those with high well-being in this element [purpose] also tend to be highly engaged in their work. They are emotionally invested in what they do and focus on creating value through their efforts. At the organizational level, workers who are engaged in their work have more energy to take on challenges, increase their productivity, and positively affect those around them.”

As to the quality of my work, I’ll let some of my clients set you at ease:

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  • “Dearest Rosaleen!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I have been wanting to write to you ever since I put down the receiver after our ‘phone session’ – and what I wanted to say is THANK YOU for a very UPLIFTING, INSPIRING, MOTIVATING and ENCOURAGING session!!! If ever I need someone to lift my morale, encourage me to take things into hand, have confidence in myself or just make me feel good about myself — I will ask you to give me a hand-analysis session! I went to do my poster (for the charity I  contribute to outside of work) straight away and it is DONE!! It turned out VERY WELL too, as everyone who has seen it, confirmed! 🙂 🙂 Almost every day I keep thinking: ‘I am creative.’ And I keep watching myself. And, yes, I AM creative! I am working on the second poster now, and will have to do a third one too. I am doing them as I go along, alongside my work in database development  …”

    Beverly Zane, Senior Principal Support Consultant
  • “Dear Rosaleen, Today is a wonderful day and a big heartfelt thank you to you indeed. It was wonderful to hear your scientifically-based analysis of my hand. The reading definitely resonated with me and I found the information very insightful and useful. You blew me away being so accurate about my gifts, motives and drives. The analysis gave me permission to combine all the things I love to do in my life. This is the confirmation I have been seeking, Thanks to you, the shifts I can make in order to move from ‘student path to master path’ are clear.”

    Janice Timms
  • Thank you so much for my amazing life purpose, life lesson and life school Hand Analysis session. It has been so helpful in keeping me on track with my life and my work and for spotting what trips me up. It feels good to know that the urges and desires I was feeling were part of my next step towards realising more of my purpose and not just a misleading fantasy in my head. I find it easier to trust my intuition and move forward now rather than staying safely stuck in a pattern of self doubt and frustration that continually held me back.

    I feel more confident from knowing my abilities, my strengths and my weaknesses. Since seeing you, I can relate to how everything in the past leads me to a potentially bright and powerful future.  The freedom I feel in my life now is such a precious gift that I’ve yearned for longer than I care to admit and the clarity from the insights you shared continue to serve me daily in my work.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    Christine Phillips
  • “Amazing! In one hour Rosaleen has revealed a picture of my personality from different angles. Telling me things that I wasn’t fully conscious of that were having a big impact on my life. Sometimes,  is bit like to be placed in front of a mirror for the first time in your life, and realise: oh yes that is me! Essential for gaining a better knowledge about oneself and to understand where one needs to work for improving personally and  in professional life.”

    – Diego, Florence, Italy
  • “Thank you for such an inspiring hand analysis. I was walking on air after the reading. I just want to digest all of the amazing details you showered me with. I have listened to the recording three times so far and each time I hear something new! A very healing and motivating experience … I am really happy I returned for another session. xx” 

    Miriam Banister
  • “My Hand Analysis with Rosaleen was especially helpful in terms of finding out my main archetype/purpose. It turns out it supports my main goals more than I had hoped. It highlighted things I am doing right moving towards my desirable outcome, but it also showed some of the losing strategies I can work to improve. Overall, I’m more confident now that I’m moving in the right direction, and am using this information to fulfil my master plan.”

    Evelina De Lain

By the way, the fingerprints also reveal your personality-driven challenges or obstacles and  life developmental theme(s).  Master these and along with purpose they can help form the modus operandi of your life.
Knowing this personalized information can be life changing for you!

ARE YOU READY TO Decode Your Purpose?

Your Life Purpose Hand Analysis reveals truths about who you are, potentials you own, blocks you have to bringing things to fruition. I can uncover the building blocks, the gems, the keys to who you are based on the patterns and archetypal information in your hands. The future is entirely up to you. You have free will and can decide what, if any, changes you may want to make.

CAUTION: Stepping into the arena of deep personal awareness and growth is not for the faint of heart. You must have a deep desire to know yourself, and the willingness to face truths you might prefer to ignore in order to embrace the  full embodiment of your purpose, obstacles, gifts…

That said, if you are a woman longing for a rebalanced life, do get in touch!

“I was curious about hand analysis and first did this with Rosaleen. The hand analysis drew attention to the way I communicated with people (I have a tendency to be reserved), as well as innate characteristics and skills which I could draw on more (I can speak out more and be more emotionally authentic as I am also a sociable character). It’s helped me to put things into perspective. The insights from the hand analysis were so amazingly accurate that I decided to enrol in Rosaleen’s  one-on-one coaching programme to have more support and help” Maria A.