daffodils - spring symbol and resurrection of natureResurrection is the symbol of Easter and spring time too.  The warm weather returns and all of nature bursts into life. I love Spring time.  It always reminds me of a line in Geoffrey Chaucer’s, Canterbury Tales: The General Prologue, which I studied in English Literature:

“Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote
And bathed every veyne in swich licour,

Of which vertu engendred is the flour;…”

Modern translation by Nevill Coghill (Wikipedia):

“When in April the sweet showers fall
And pierce the drought of March to the root,
and all the veins are bathed in liquor of such power

As brings about the engendering of the flower…”

As Spring ‘brings about the engendering of the flower’, us humans also shake off the winter as our cells respond to the universe and the warmth and renewal around us.

Easter, which is about resurrection, is with us now and just over a quarter of the year has gone by- already! With all this happening, how are you doing?

Are you carving out a new path or direction, starting new projects, letting go of old habits and things that are not serving you…making some kind of change? This seems to be the energy right now.

It can feel frightening and intimidating stepping out of your comfort zone and doing different things or the familiar differently. But as Rumi said, you have to start listening for guidance from the teachings of your soul and as Thich Nhat Hanh puts it you have to cultivate your own freedom. So what’s rising up inside you? What resurrection is taking place. And are you paying attention to the voice of your soul; to you inner wisdom?

Your resurrection may be de-cluttering your inner and outer environment to pave the way for new ideas and things to flow into your consciousness and life. For me, I decided to rebrand and change the name of my business. It feels like time for this change. Watch this space as a new name is coming…

I think it’s time for us all to uncover our ‘real’ self and not just be a copy or imitation of others, following programmes and conditioning that belong to the family, school, office or society. It’s time to bury what’s not serving us and resurrect and reclaim capabilities and inner assets that have been hidden for too long.

Every time I analyse someone’s hands, I uncover potential and talents that are mostly not being used. Gifts denied because you were told, ‘you can’t make money doing that…’ So instead of doing your purpose and become an artist/performer, for example, you become a doctor or lawyer or something else instead and spend most of your life being miserable even though you are successful at your chosen profession.

Sad but true for many, many people. What do the well-being surveys say: most people spend their working days disengaged and walking around as if half asleep (Gallup).

What beloved hobbies have you let go of because of fear or conditioning?

I was in Liverpool a few weeks ago, volunteering for three days, working with a group of vulnerable and disengaged teenagers. During the first afternoon, I was speaking with one young man who does that activity where you jump from building to building – super dangerous. I can’t remember what it’s called. He said that he’s broken nearly every bone in his body doing it and then commented that his teachers at school encouraged him to do ballet because he had a talent for it but at the time he thought it was too girlie and didn’t pursue it.

Now he recognises that he has a natural talent for it and that’s why he can do his current building jumping hobby.

What dreams have you discarded in order to please others? It’s time to resurrect your true purpose!

Get in touch if you would like to discover your purpose and assets from the information in your hands. It might be life-changing for you if you’re feeling stuck and lacking confidence and self esteem.  Please go here.