Sleep deprivation can take a toxic toll on your health and ability to function optimally. And – with an annual estimated price tag of £40 billion cost to the economy through lost working hours, it’s not a subject to take lightly.

We all know that health and lifestyle problems such “obesity, excessive alcohol and sugary drink consumption, smoking, lack of physical activity, mental health problems, stress at work, shift work, financial concerns, and long commuting” have a detrimental  impact on sleep – this is already well documented.

However, a recent article published in the reports on research  by US scientists who found that “the secret of a good night’s sleep is having something worth getting out of bed for the next day.”

The new study reveals that having a purpose in life helps to improve the quality of your sleep and also night time disturbances. Quoting from the Telegraph, the authors state that:

“Helping people cultivate a purpose in life could be an effective drug-free strategy to improve sleep quality, particularly for a population that is facing more insomnia,” Senior author Jason Ong, an associate professor of neurology at  Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, in Illinois.

The study states that mindfulness therapies can help to ‘cultivate’ purpose, however, a simpler, faster, easier system is available for identifying life purpose – called Scientific Hand Analysis. It’s the best, accurate non-predictive biometric system for discovering your purpose – why you are here on earth – and what will bring you happiness, fulfilment and success in your life.

Actually, like mindfulness, scientific hand analysis brings information about the REAL you into your conscious awareness so that you can take action to expand and transform.

It helps you understand your talents, skills, challenges, life purpose and most of all your path to realising your full potential.

It’s not fortune telling but a proven system that was tested on more than 40,000 hands and taught to over 100 psychiatrists, counsellors and therapists with different training and backgrounds who replicated the results). The life purpose hand analysis system has now been accurately used on hundreds of thousands of hands.

It uses your fingerprints and the line formations mapped in your palms, which represent the neural pathways of your brain, to reveal your uniqueness and personal guidance system to success. With this system, you uncover the REAL you that’s not a copy of someone else

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