Success many thrive but top world athletes have a formula for becoming winners.  Here are 6 elements of their formula from the IAAF World Athletics Championships inspired by all the athletes competing including some of the legends of the sport, such as Usain Bolt and Mo Farah.

Some athletes have to overcome physical and mental challenges and others make totally life changing choices in order to achieve the success they want.

A few are seen as sporting pariahs and endure booing from spectators whenever they perform or win because of past misdemeanours.  This does not deter them and they keep focusing on their dream without allowing other people’s opinions to become obstacles.

The point is that people do all kinds of things to become successful. And like top athletes, when you thrive to become the best YOU, to do your best and to realise your dreams, there is rarely one path to success and becoming a winner.

You’re likely to need a variety of strategies to come out on top.

From World championship  athletes, here are the elements that can help you create your path to success and the winner’s rostrum:

1. Be Passionate.  In interviews the winners in particular talk about their passion for what they do, which drives them to train intensely come rain, set backs or shine in order to become the best in the world. You have to be passionate about your dream and desired outcomes in order to persistently take the actions that will help you succeed. And you need to stay passionate even when something doesn’t go as planned.

2. Think BIG. To reach the top these performers set big goals. They want to be #1 in their sport, on the world stage, Olympic and world champions, ambassadors of athletics like Bolt and Farah.

3. Get a coach.  Have you heard of an athlete getting to the top without a coach. Neither have I.  Athletes recognise that talent is not enough on its own. All the athletes have coaches and the best in the world have a team of different specialists to help nurture their gifts and talents and provide guidance and support.

When Mo Farah wasn’t receiving the results he wanted he stepped back, assessed what he was doing and acquired the coach and training environment which would take him to the top. This meant moving to the USA with long periods away from his family in order to realise his powerful dream.

If you want to get to the top, whatever that means for you, you need to engage in coaching that will help you get there.  If you are financially ready to hire a coach, click here to book a FREE strategy session.

4. See mistakes as learning. The road to the top doesn’t follow a straight line. Injuries occur, races/jumps/throws… mistakes occur and performance strategies that should have been executed successfully just don’t go to plan and result in losing.

Failure in an event can be heart wrenching but is seen as an opportunity to learn and improve. The coach and team, including family, believe in them even when they sometimes don’t believe in themselves enough – yet.

5. Find your inspiration. Legends like Usain Bolt and Mo Farah end up transcending their sport and inspiring people from all walks of life to pursue their dreams. They are then of service not just to athletics but to the human race. This may instil confidence in you that ‘if they can do it’ in their field, you can do it also for your business or career.

5. Be Yourself and not a copy of others.  Each athlete is uniquely talented and has to find their way to become a winner with support from their team and sponsors.  They have a power-base of body, mind, energies, spirit, gifts, training, coaching and all have to come into alignment in order to win that event. Usain Bolt exemplifies this (Can you tell that I’m a huge fan?). He is authentic and REAL on the public stage and his persona is a big part of being such legend.

Last night being in the Queen Elizabeth stadium watching so many fantastic athletes perform was heart warming. I observed beautiful camaraderie between competitors. It was great to be part of the band of wonderful spectators and to witness the greats being at their best…

This Sunday morning I woke up feeling excited, inspired and super happy to be alive. Saying YES to life!

If you want to stand among the champions, then put these strategies into play starting now and you too can be on the winner’s rostrum.

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