How can the hidden assets within your team – talents, potential, creativity,  ideas be revealed?

Today, technology especially the Internet allows us to work remotely and to reach across silos to engage with colleagues, customers and partners. Yet all the research shows that employee engagement is still woeful.


working in a team where team dynamic flows, everyone is engaged and enjoy working together and supporting one another. What impact would that have on individuals as well as the financial performance of the business?

An effective approach is to look at the team systemically – as a system of individuals working in wider systems.  The systemic modelling approach  that I use enables teams to go beyond management roles and performance patterns to discover how individuals within teams /groups can better work together to improve communication, come up with new ideas, collaborate and increase  team and individual productivity. The approach is all about revealing the hidden assets, and ideas and utilising the talent and strengths within a team.

I work with individuals in teams to help create the dynamics that encourage better connection, collaboration, engagement, team level stress management  and team health and well-being. Every team member has something of value they bring to the team, a strength or a talent, which may be hidden. This needs to be harnessed and encouraged to bring more value to the team building dynamics.

Result: a more harmonious, happier and motivated team made up of individuals who want to be at work and perform at their best.

I specialise in  dynamics where stress is having a negative impact on team performance.

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