space and whirlygig
I was hanging sideways in space anchored in the Whirly gig chair, in mid-air with Shaun Hotchkiss at ground level asking me Power of Six questions. “ And what do you know from there.” My eyes were closed as I focused on my body-mind to discover what it knew from that direction. After a while, my body intuition and wisdom indicated that I was feeling relaxed and at ease in the space my body was occupying.
Then, self-modelling, I asked to be moved to the opposite side. Now, I am suspended sideways to the left instead of to the right. I tune into my body intuition and I am feeling a different sensation.

I’m not sure how to describe the sensation yet so I keep my attention and awareness focused on it. “And what do you know from there?” I keep my awareness on my body-mind system hanging in space. It feels like my fears are to my left, I said.

I want to check this so I ask to be moved to the right again. Once there I am noticing imbalance within me that I’m discovering through the position of my body in space.  The position I am physically in is bringing this into my conscious awareness.

I am moved to the left again and then back to centre position. I open my eyes and suspended in the chair in mid-air, the leaves of the tree to my left come into my awareness, then the vastness of the grey sky – it was drizzling a little – and looking at sky, I feel something shift and I say I am feeling a little tearful now.

I am asked what I would like to have happen and I say just sit here for a while. Shaun explains to the others that I was self-modelling. I have some towels placed over my legs to keep them warm…
Shaun requests a cup of black coffee and we just sit for a while…I’m ready to come down now I say and clamber down using a ladder. This all took place at the Northern Taste of Clean conference last weekend.
I had known about the Whirly-Gig for a 8 years or so since learning and being certified as a Clean Space facilitator. The Whirly-Gig is a gyroscope with a seat that can be moved through 360°. It allows people to be at any angle when being facilitated. Its use in coaching and therapy is the brainchild of the late innovative and brilliant psychotherapist, David Grove.
David Grove was interested in the effects of space and the difference being in different spaces made. The gyroscope allows people to experience space from different heights and angles, not just at ground level, and was devised/built by David Grove and Shaun Hotchkiss. It allows people to orient themselves at any position within 3D space and connect with their inner wisdom to find out what they know there.
Experiences, including traumas, are stored in the body as memories, not just the mind, and by having the body in the right position this body memory can be accessed. The gyroscope can be moved side to side as I was having it moved, up and down or forward and back. By asking clean questions (also devised by David Grove), the body can remember, or release experiences/traumas that it has been unconsciously holding onto.
Most of the time Clean Space and Power of Six processes are used on the ground. Though clients will often climb onto chairs and tables or use proxy spaces in order to orient themselves in the right space and right direction/angle so that knowledge can emerge from within them. Different spaces hold different information.
When you are able to look at your life, outcomes and experiences from where you don’t usually look, you can become receptive to new information and this can result in change.
You can’t guess what the change will be in advance. The only way to discover what will emerge is to go through the process and learn from the embodied experience that you have in your mind-body as you do the activity.
This is all inner wisdom work.

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